Our Philosophy

Identity Branding

The internet is filled with noise. That’s why the key to standing out is to be your unapologetic self – your mission, philosophy, and approach – in addition to your services. Bright Tiger will put clear language to your company’s core message by exploring its operations and mission. Then we will build your website and SEO campaign around that core message for maximum impact.

Our Roots

In my first job out of college, I led my dad’s unique medical practice to 33% year-over-year revenue growth by rebranding & pivoting to an online marketing strategy.

Since then I’ve turned around a mobile healthcare company, sold real estate, consulted, life coached, ghostwritten, & earned my MBA from a disruptive program in Austin, TX. In each setting I saw the same truth: successful strategy starts with self-understanding. 

I started Bright Tiger because I believe that owning your identity is the foundation of a healthy strategy. In the noisiest era in history, the people & businesses that stand out are the ones that concisely hammer their mission, strengths & vision.


Benaiah Brown, Founder