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Case Study: SEO for Construction, 152% Organic Growth in 3 Months

seo for construction
seo for construction

Company Overview

Select Mat is a supplier of construction mats that serves the entire Continental United States. Their primary customers are Oil & Gas companies involved in pipeline building and Transmission & Distribution companies. In addition to construction mats, they also offer pipeline skids, pipeline cones, and utility poles for sale. They also offer mat delivery, installation, and removal services.

Bright Tiger was brought on board to grow their organic traffic and increase online sales leads.

Services Rendered

  • Competitor Analysis
  • Long-Term Organic Strategy (updated monthly)
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Web Development
  • New Content Creation
  • Analytics

Discovery, Research, and Strategy

As with all Bright Tiger clients, our first step was to understand the company’s brand and operations. This involved discovery meetings and analysis of the company as a whole.

Next, we assessed the website’s current organic position and overall performance in terms of SEO, UI, UX, and conversions. We also performed keyword research and competitor analysis to determine the scope of changes required for results and where there might be low-hanging fruit in the SERPS.

Company Discovery

Questions asked during discovery included:

  • Short-term goals (6-12 months)
  • Long-term goals (3-5 years)
  • Company mission and values
  • Revenue, EBITDA, and cash cycle
  • Product and Services overview
  • Preferred product mix (most profitable products, lost leaders, etc.)
  • Customer profile (both of client companies and typical points-of-contact)
  • Top Competitors
  • Messaging Do’s and Don’ts (per the client, anything to highlight or avoid saying)

SEO Audit

Steps taken here included:

  • Blog audit (cornerstone, low-performing, inconsistent, or outdated content)
  • Site performance (PageSpeed, Google Lighthouse, Ahrefs Site Crawl)
  • SERP audit (Google searches, Google Trends, Spyfu)
  • Organic traffic (Google Analytics, Spyfu)
  • UI/UX Analysis
  • Messaging analysis
  • Backlink position of selectmat.com

Close attention was paid to both high-volume search terms and terms that the site was already ranking for. We noted where the company was close to the first page, though not quite there.

Steps Taken

In addition to discovery and strategy, we began implementation in month one. Steps taken included on-page improvements, deleting irrelevant content, and new content creation. We also made improvements to the website’s backend to enhance its performance.

Meanwhile, we continually monitored the site’s performance and its search engine rankings using tools such as Google Analytics and Spyfu.

The Result

Timeline – 3 months
Organic Keyword Growth – 77 to 370
Page 1 Keywords – 1 to 29
Est. Monthly SEO Clicks – 110 to 278

Source: Spyfu