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Healthcare Case Study: Content Marketing and SEO for Dental Office

dental seo, seo for dentists
dental seo, seo for dentists


Bright Tiger recently began working with a dental office that focuses exclusively on dental implants and restorative care.

The dental industry in the DFW market (where the practice is based) is heavily saturated and highly competitive.

The website’s SERP positions are not currently ideal. To provide an idea, it has a low DR score of 3.7 out of a possible 100 (Ahrefs). However, we were able to significantly improve the site’s organic traffic within 1 month through keyword research, updating old content, leveraging the site’s best organic positions, and deleting and redirecting outdated content.

Please note: this project has just begun, and there is much left to do. However, the gains made in this case are worth sharing due to the SEO principles they demonstrate.

Services Rendered

  • Content Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Keyword Research
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Navigation Consulting

Content Audit

The practice had been working with an SEO and content marketing company for years. This company’s strategy was to post 6-12 blog posts per month, with an average word length of about 400 words. According to them, the quantity of content would boost SEO. This had left the site with over 560 posts. Almost none of these posts were ranking, generating traffic, or providing backlinks.

During the content audit, it was determined that these posts were likely harming the site’s crawling and indexing, and therefore hindering SEO performance.

After deleting 38% of the site’s outdated content and redirecting the urls to relevant pages and posts, the site’s organic traffic grew by 47%.

Keyword Research & Content Marketing

The content audit also revealed that several older blogs published in-house by the medical practice were ranking on the 3rd and 4th pages of the search engines for a few high-volume keywords. There were also several similar high-volume keywords that the posts weren’t ranking for, but that were relevant to the subject matter they covered.

Significant keyword gains were made by optimizing the content of these posts based on this research and best SEO practices. One post gained 230 keywords in a few weeks and began generating traffic.


SEO is a long game that requires patience. Significant gains in traffic, rankings, and revenue usually take time.

However, this case study demonstrates that quick progress can be made in SEO by identifying the most crucial factors out of many that are most affecting a site’s performance.

At Bright Tiger, we call these factors low-hanging fruit – the high leverage activities that will produce the greatest return for our client’s time, money, and energy.

It also demonstrates that more isn’t always more in content marketing. It’s better to have one excellent and ranking post than to have hundreds that don’t add value.

Timeline – 1 month
Organic Traffic Growth – 133-195
Keyword Growth – 533-770

Source: Ahrefs